About Me

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A Student of the Field

As I started college, I naturally gravitated toward high school coaching because athletics was something that challenged me and made me feel powerful.  I wanted to pay it forward and provide that encouragement and empowerment to young people.  So, I completed a BS degree in Kinesiology with a minor in health.  I loved coaching, building relationships with the athletes and their families, and helping them push through their perceived limitations and achieve goals.  It was only after the birth of my daughter that I stepped down as "coach" to focus on being "mom".  


During the next 10 years, I poured into my family and figured out how to challenge and love on students in the math classroom and, later, as a school counselor.  But, I missed the interaction and intimacy that came from coaching.  So, I left public education and got my Registered Yoga Teacher certification in May 2018, my NASM Certified Personal Trainer in May 2019, and my NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist in November 2019.  I have taught HIIT, strength training, and yoga throughout Texas and Colorado and am loving every minute of it.  My favorite part?  When people start to see changes in their bodies and the way that they FEEL.  When they realize they are capable of so much more.  When they get excited about their bodies again.  That is what motivates me to keep learning, growing, and leading in this mission field.

My Vision

I believe that we want to be healthy.  We want to have more energy and feel good about our bodies.  But, with our culture of convenience and with the amount of information that is at our fingertips, we can get lost.  Lost in the busyness of our lives, lost in the conflicting information, and lost in the pull of the promises of immediate results.

My belief is that you are worth more.  You are a miracle.  When we switch our mindset from losing weight and getting skinnier...when we stop hating our bodies...when we approach our bodies with love and gratitude, we are more able to make healthy choices to nourish, move, and strengthen our bodies. With this mindset, I aim to coach you in creating your most beautiful life through customized nutrition, individualized exercise programs, and encouragement to find the balance between pushing yourself and giving yourself grace.

Let's Connect

I'm always happy to help. Feel free to ask me anything.