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Hi, I'm Leah

NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist

My goal is to help you love your body through healthy movement and nutrition.  In order to do that in a safe and effective manner, I feel it is necessary to stay current on latest trends and research.  So, I pride myself in being a lifelong learner, constantly growing and changing in order to meet the needs of my clients.

I Transform Lives

What's the key to happiness? Easy. Keep your body healthy.

Our bodies are miracles.  The fact that you woke up this morning, able to take a breath and start your day, is a gift.  So, I believe that happiness comes from nourishing ourselves in mind, body, and spirit.  Each day, we need to move and love our bodies, eat foods that energize, protect, and heal, and find pockets of stillness to fill our cups.  When we approach our bodies in love, we are empowered to achieve the health and fitness goals we desire and keep them long term. My goal is to create a customized fitness and/or nutrition plan for you based on your personal goals.  By treating your body with love, you will become healthier, stronger, and more productive.

"I love Leah for the leadership, support, and encouragement she gives in helping me develop the best version of me. She preaches growth mindset, and seeks to understand when she senses my resolve waiver.  I love Leah."

— Cindy, Personal Training

Leah has helped me tremendously with being more confident with my body as well as making sure it is performing at its optimal ability.  From her strength/cardio workouts to the nutrition plans, everything is individualized for me and has me feeling the best I have felt in a long time. Leah is always there to provide feedback, listen, and make changes.  Leah has many clients, but she makes you feel like you are her only one.

— Chelsea, Nutrition & Remote Training

What Can I Do For You

Personal Trainer


Customized workouts designed to help you meet your personal health and fitness goals, delivered to you in home or my gym. 

Low Calorie Salad

Meet Your Goals

Personalized plans, delivered online or in person, designed to help you reach your ideal weight, maximize health, optimize workouts, and feel better. 

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Individual and group yoga experiences in the studio and beyond.  Have yoga, will travel!

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